Why I am Running For President of The United States of America

“I am running for President of The United States of America because the nation that I love is crumbling around me.

I would respectfully and humbly submit to you that today, the Democrats and Republicans in Washington D. C. cannot solve the challenges and problems we as a nation face, because they are subjected to the Disease of Greed, and have become owned by some of the 1%, who are also addicted to Greed. Please realize my Fellow Americans that “Greed” is a “Disease”; it can only be “treated” by restoring “Checks and Balances. I need your donations and help in collecting Ballot Signatures; this is still your country; please help me to hold on to it.

My Fellow Americans, this Disease of Greed has caused a lack of ethical behavior because the addiction of greed blinds our mortal and moral conscience, and the Light of Christ which also serves as our conscience. Our Founding Fathers were aware of the Disease of Greed, and so they placed, as moved upon by The Spirit of The Lord, “Checks and Balances” into our Beloved and Inspired Constitution of The United States of America. I am running…. because the 1% are out of control. The “Addiction of Greed” blinds the soul of man and woman to the point where fairness, love, respect and honor are tossed aside through the process of rationalization for greater profits.

I am running…. because our military is in shambles. Never before in my life-time has our National Security been in so much peril. Our Brave Soldiers are forced to parade in Red High Heel Shoes; we give our Soldiers inferior equipment; 22 Vets a day take their life. I am running…. because our Foreign Policy is in shambles. We sell Ambassadorships to those who raise money for political candidates. Many Ambassadors cannot read, speak or understand the language of the nation they are posted in.

I am running …… because our Earth and our Environment are on the path to extinction. GMOs, Chemtrails, Nuclear Power Plants, pesticides are killing us. Our water aquifers are in danger due to Fracking; our oceans from “dumping of garbage.” Forced Vaccines are harming our children. 1 out of every 2 children now has ADHD, Autism, DNA issues or other ill health by the time they are 11 years old. Pollution due to the Disease of Greed is destroying us, our Planet Earth, and our children.

All of these issues can only be solved with a President who is not owned by the 1%; I am not owned by the 1%. Our Pollution problems and challenges are caused due to the Disease of Greed. 1 in 5 women will develop breast cancer; 1 in 5 men will develop prostate cancer; cancer rates are getting worse. All due to greed. The Nuclear Power Plant in Japan that exploded in 2011, continues to spew deadly radioactive pollution into the water and air.

I am running…. because the Disease of Greed has caused our jobs to be sent overseas through TPP and NAFTA. Some of the 1% only care about profits. Greed is causing a massive Trade Deficit of over $50 Billion dollars “a month” ; just think of all of the jobs if we had Trade Parity.

I am running… because the Democrats and the Republicans in Washington are owned by the 1% who are their political donors. This is causing the Democrats and Republicans to not care about the Common Man and the Common Woman. We are not Slaves to the 1%. I am running…. because the Federal Reserve and Wall Street are out of control. We now call Bankers by the term of “Banksters.” I will reform our Banking Sector so that Bankers are heroes once again. I will stop the “Bankster Foreclosure War on American Homeowners.”

I am running…. because our Education System has broken apart through unfair Student Loan indentured servitude; I will wipe out all Student Loans. I am also running because Common Core is “dumbing sown” our American Youth. We must end Common Core.

I am running…. because there are persons in the government that support a Globalist Agenda of replacing our Constitution with a One World Government of a New World Order. I say; Long live The Constitution! The Globalist Agenda includes Forced Vaccines. I will stop Forced Vaccines! Please pray daily for my Campaign for our American Renaissance.

Please order and read my book: “President Kopitke 2020: Towards an American Renaissance.” If you then want to join our Cause for a Great American Renaissance, then please also order and read: “President Kopitke 2020: Volunteer Handbook” so you can learn step by step how you can help. In November, 2020, please send a message to the Democrats and the Republicans and their “string pullers of the 1%,” that you want your America Back. Please make a donation to my effort to Save our Earth and our America today. Please share this website with five friends.”

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