The 2nd Amendment And The Constitution Of The United States Of America Versus Globalism And The One World Government Of The New World Order

My Fellow Americans, I am the only Presidential Candidate that stands between you and the insidious effort to replace our Constitution with a Globalist lead One World Government of a New World Order; I plead with you to help me Save our Constitution.”
Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke

Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke: “Make no mistake about it my Fellow Americans, this November, Anno Domini 2020 Presidential Election is a national referendum on if we are going to keep our Freedoms as outlined in our Inspired and Beloved Constitution of The United States of America, or if we are going to continue to surrender them to the Globalist Agenda of The One World Government of The New World Order.”


Doctor Kopitke continues: “If you have no idea what I am speaking about here, then please read my book, “President Kopitke 2016: Towards an American Renaissance” that is over 600 pages long and has my positions on over 400 key issues of our day. It goes into great detail on the challenges we face in keeping our Liberty. Folks, this is not something you can bury your head in the sand on.”

“Let “Doctor Kopitke” teach you here my Fellow Americans. Those in power, who we often call the “1%” seek to hold their power and perpetual power and perpetual income. One of their “tools” is to call anyone who dares to challenge them “crazy,” “a nut,” “screwball,” “Conspiracy kook”; this used to work. Now people are waking up to this garbage and realizing that those in power use every trick in the book to keep power and keep people suppressed into economic servitude and economic slavery through perpetual debt.”

“As President Kopitke, I will help you ….. the common man and common woman, ….. have opportunity and fairness.”
“I need your donation today, and help in sharing my websites. Come Signature Gathering Time, I need some hours from you to be on the streets gathering Signatures. Now if you think I jest about a One World Government of a New World Order, then just please go to your favorite “Search Engine” and search under the words: “New World Order quotations.” Then please go to your favorite “video channel” and search under the same words.”

“Come join our American Resistance so that we can have a genuine and heartfelt American Renaissance.”

“Part of the Globalist Agenda is to “Disarm America” by taking away our Rights to own and use guns. As a Presidential Candidate, I am the only one standing between you and your gun, and those who want to take it away. If you value the Right to Bear Arms, then I need a donation today, and help in sharing our message of Freedom, and also in time with Signature Collections. There is no other way to protect your 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms in 2020.”


Only Repentance and Faith in The Lord Jesus The Christ can save our Beloved and Sacred Constitution of The United States of America.

Please go to Church on Sunday (or on Saturday if a Seventh Day Adventist); try a different Church if you need to.

Please also read your Holy Scriptures each day.

Please get on your knees at least once a day in humble Prayer to God.

God lives and He does answer prayers.

Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke