Environmental Experiences

Will you please help me Save our Environment and Dear Mother Earth?

Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke is known as a “Radical Environmentalist” for his leadership as the President an Environmental group back in 1982. Doctor Kopitke showed strong Presidential Leadership Gravitas as he led the “Citizens Against the Burn” in defeating an attempt to burn for the first time on American Soil, contaminated Cyanide Chips. Doctor Kopitke: “They were days of drama and of deep sincere prayer and of hope. We had a prayer service, candle light vigil, protest marches, a strong “Letter to the Editor Campaign, and a strong Media Campaign. I was normally there with my trusty bull horn (pictured above) chanting “We’re concerned ban the burn.” It worked; we won; they cancelled the burning of contaminated Cyanide Chips that was supposed to happen within eye distance of an Elementary School and neighboring subdivision. While I was the President of the group, it was the members that really deserve the credit as they pulled together for what was right. It was a time for Americans to be proud; we took our “Liberty” into our hands; and won.”

Doctor Kopitke continues: “This is the only Earth we have and we cannot allow the “Disease of Greed” which has overtaken many of the 1% and the Democrats and Republicans to allow this Environmental Apocalypse Catastrophe to continue to lead us towards extinction.”

Doctor Kopitke continues: “The greatest threat to the Environment today is the plague of Nuclear Power Plants. We must close them all down before we have an “event” that causes a massive loss of life. Now, everyone who is knee deep in the Environmental Movement knows that the 1% and the government are holding back Secret Forms of Energy that are clean. They are holding back these forms of clean energy to protect the profits and power and perpetual power of the 1%, that fund the Democrats and Republicans. As President Kopitke, I’ll bring forth those clean and affordable energy sources.”

“***We need to protect and preserve our air and water; our water aquifers are being destroyed by Fracking. ***GMOs are not safe, and must be banned. ***The spraying of Chemtrails needs to stop. ***Our vaccines are not as safe as they must be.” EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals), like BPA (Bisphenol A) and others, now have several studies how they play a role in harming the human body. EDCs are found in plastics, cans, food, paper receipts, flame retardants, pesticides, and cosmetics. As President, I’ll get them out of every-day-products we use.

“1 in 5 women will come down with Breast Cancer; 1 in 5 males will develop prostate cancer; cancer rates are rising. As President Kopitke, I will seek to remove the cancer causing ingredients from plastic, food, under-arm deodorants, ladies’ make-up, and wherever it is found. I can do this because I am not owned by the 1%. There is no other way to do this my Fellow Americans. “

“We also cannot allow our Environmental Movement to be hijacked by those who are using “it” to bring about a Globalist One World Government of a New World Order and thereby destroy or Beloved and Inspired Constitution.” To learn more about the Environmental Apocalypse caused by the Democrats and Republicans being bought off through political contributions by some of the 1%, please read Doctor Kopitke’s book: “President Kopitke 2016: Towards an American Renaissance.” Please donate today to Save our Earth; or just sit back while the Earth is destroyed; don’t be an Environmental Slacker. Doctor Kopitke has asked each of us: “Please help me Save The Earth; Our Earth.”

“Another part of the Environment is water quality.  I live in Flint, Michigan.  We must remove Fluoride from our drinking water and food.  As President Kopitke, I will fight Climate Pollution. As President Kopitke, I will stop 5G.  As President Kopitke, I will stop the One World Government Weather Manipulation which is destroying our crops to create food shortages, so they can enact more laws against freedom, so they can bring in their One World Government.  Long live The Constitution of The United States of America.”