Forced Vaccines

The Greatest issue of our times, in protecting The Constitution of The United States of America, and our Right to Worship God, is stopping Forced Vaccines.

Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke


Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke is the only top tier Presidential Candidate against Forced Vaccines. Doctor Kopitke: “As Presidential Candidate Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke I am the only one between you and Forced Vaccinations.

This is the defining issue of our times.

Read it and weep O America.

The Department of Health and Human Services has mandated that all Americans be legally forced to receive vaccines under the National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) of 2015. The HHS comment period closed in March of 2015. This will be implemented along the side of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and National Vaccine Plan (NVP). Under the National Adult Immunization Plan, each and every American will be forced to be vaccinated with whatever the Department of Health and Human Services feels like, and whenever it feels like it.”

Doctor Kopitke continues: “All Americans will also have to have retroactive vaccination regimens that could be up to as many as several dozen vaccines per American Citizen during what is called a “catch-up” period. Currently the federal government legally forces a schedule for young children of 49 vaccines before the age of six years of age. If you missed any of these 49 vaccines, you as an American will be required to receive them. If your shot records have been lost, you will receive these vaccines again. *****If you think I jest *****, just search on “National Adult Immunization Plan 2015” and “forced vaccines NAIP.”

Let me be perfectly clear hear my Fellow American, and please hear me out loud and clear: Today, as a Presidential Candidate, I am the only one between you and forced vaccines.

So my dear Fellow Americans; it is up to you. Sit back and receive 49 shots or not. I am the only Presidential candidate that will stop you from being held down and forcefully vaccinated against your will. Seldom in the history of our nation has such a treacherous defining issue beset and befallen us. Regarding this issue there are four kinds of Americans; (1) the Uninformed, (2) the Patriot, (3) the Coward and (4) those whom are Paid Off. I need a strong donation today. Oh, and the NAIP applies to your wife, kids, parents and all other Americans.

Wake up time. Just listen to how this plays out in relation to Mandatory Vaccines:

Children Birth to 6 years old: 49 doses (yes I said 49 doses) of 14 different vaccines. ****Ages 6 to 18: 69 total doses of 16 different vaccines.
Ages 19 to 65: 72 vaccinations. There are reports of up to 300 new vaccines in the works; some of them will be mandated no doubt.
NAACHO is a lobby group funded by who? Do your own research and find out who is pushing this. This NAACHO is gingerly called the National Association of County and City Health Officials; CDC funds them; who funds and supports the CDC; Big Pharm 1% corporations.
Again, we need safe vaccines; the CDC is no longer a Watch-Dog agency but in my opinion has become a puppet of the 1% who are blinded by the disease of greed into rationalizing more profits through questionable vaccines. Now as Doctor Kopitke I have an assignment for you. The NACCHO leadership (Board), approved in July, 2013 a document and policy called, “An Immunization Program for all Stages of Life.” Please read it and look to see if therein is a path to remove your right to refuse a vaccination either on health or religious grounds.

For a moment I desire to speak with you who understand the dangers of Forced Vaccines and what is going on here. We have to stop this at the White House; as President Kopitke, I will stop this madness.

I need you strong financial support, and I need your hours in collecting Signatures so I can obtain Ballot Access. We cannot allow this bad policy birthed through raw and unchecked greed to destroy humanity and civilization and send us into oblivion.

Please my Fellow Americans; I ask you; I plead with you; I implore you; I literally beg you; help me stop this curse of greed of Forced Vaccines upon the American People.”

Please see Doctor Kopitke’s book: “President Kopitke 2020: Towards an American Renaissance” for more detailed information about the dangers of forced vaccines. The book also contains lists of American Alternative News Media websites that share with you detailed peer reviewed studies discussing the dangers of forced vaccines. Doctor Kopitke has said: “We need to stop forced vaccines; this is an issue of the utmost importance; for the safety of our children we must stop this madness of greed and tool of Globalism.”

“Our whole Vaccine system is broken. Is it due to greed or is it due to a nefarious plot by the One World Government to break minds and bodies as part of a depopulation plan to usher in a One World Government; either choice is bad.  The MMR is causing Autism; now at 1 in 34 children.  The MMR has DNA from pigs and monkeys and other animals.  Do you really believe injecting your child with the DNA from a monkey or pig is good for your child?  We have an epidemic of Gender Displacement; this is because boys are being injected with the DNA from aborted female fetuses; with the female DNA more dominant than the male DNA, the boy grows up overtly feminine.  When you inject a young girl with DNA from a male aborted fetus it causes Gender Displacement in her. On Day 1 as your President I will sign a Presidential Execute Order instructing the CDC and FDA to pull the DTaP, MMR, HPV office the market until they can be Peer Reviewed tested.  I will also instruct the CDC and FDA to ban multiple vaccines; they need to be spread out by six months, and no vaccines under 5 years of age which has, and is, currently causing SIDS.”