Classical Foreign Policy Experience

Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke is the only top tier Presidential Candidate who has actual “Classical Foreign Policy Experience.” While some feel flying over to London for brunch, or to Paris for dinner is Foreign Policy Experience, it is only if you butcher the meaning of the words “Foreign Policy Experience.”

“Classical Foreign Policy Experience” is (1) when You are stationed overseas in a different nation for an extended period of time, (2) You negotiate “agreements” in the local language”, (3) You win “agreements for the United States of America, (4) You do this as a “Diplomat”, (5) You live with the people at their level (and not in five star hotels), (6) You eat what the common people eat (and not the best food in the nation), (7) You live like the common people of that nation, (8) You make a difference, (9) You teach American principles and Freedom.

How does Doctor Kopitke rate: Doctor Kopitke served for over two years in The United States Peace Corps in the Philippines (1985-87). Doctor Kopitke learned the local language, and negotiated over 100 “agreements” with local leaders that were a win-win for both sides. The United States always “won” negotiations with Doctor Kopitke as the negotiator and Diplomat. He lived with the common people, and ate their food. He made a difference through fighting diseases, and constructing toilets, and establishing and enlarging over 200 libraries. He taught the grand and glorious Americanisms of Freedom and Faith. In one project, he secured funding for nearly 7,000 copies of the New Testament in the “local language.” Doctor Kopitke has pledged to stop the corrupt practice of “Selling Ambassadorships” to those who raise money for political candidates or parties, and who are unable to speak the “local” language of the nation they are assigned.

Parts of three summers in Turkey

Stationed in Germany

Two years in England as a Christian Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons/LDS)