Doctor Kopitke: “One of the sweetest experiences of my life was to serve as an Ordinance Worker in the House of The Lord in Salt Lake City with my wife. We also were Blessed to serve as Guides on Temple Square. I love The Holy Bible; I have read it five years in a row; six times in my life; I like the King James Version. 2015 marked the 12th year in a row that I have been Blessed to read the entire Book of Mormon. If you have never read it, I encourage you to do so. Like The Holy Bible, if you are spiritually hungry, you will feast upon the words of God and find peace.”

Student Loans & Home and Farm Foreclosures

Doctor Kopitke: “As President Kyle Kenley Kopitke, my plan is to wipe out all Student Loan Debt, and begin a new program after I am sworn in as President.

The whole Student Loan scheme is broken and is unfair.

It is time for Students to buy homes and get married, and raise families, and not be in the trap of “Student Loans.”

Student Loans are a rip off against the Common Man and Common Woman. It is just indentured servitude to the 1%. Many Students and Former Students are losing hope in America because of this. Student Loans are a perfect example of how some of the 1% are addicted to Greed. Please see my book: “President Kopitke 2016: Towards an American Renaissance” for more details about I plan to save education.

Another important and vital issue is that of fighting against the dastardly attempts of Common Core to “dumb down” our children. Agenda 21 and other Globalism attempts to destroy American History in our schools must be opposed.

To me, Student Loans today are a modern form of indentured servitude. I will fix this; please help me with collecting Signatures and a donation.”

Doctor Kopitke: “The 1% are out of control. Not all; but some. When our Founding Fathers prayed over the development of creating our Sacred and Inspired Constitution of The United States of America, God touched their minds and hearts with knowledge and wisdom regarding the importance of including into our Constitution “Checks and Balances.” Through “Checks and Balances” each Branch of our government watches the other Branches. Through “Checks and Balances,” the government is supposed to “watch” for corruption and unfairness in the private sector. Today, almost all of the Checks and Balances have been bought off through political donations (often by the 1%).

Today, it is impossible for a Democrat or Republican President to stand up to the 1% and the massive corruption that inswells Washington D.C. because they are owned by those causing the problems we face. I bring a Statesman and Public Servant background to the White House.

“The Disease of Greed, is an addiction that causes ethical blindness, and causes a “rationalization” of unethical behavior to pay back “political donors” by “looking the other way” or passing Bills in Congress (or Executive Orders in the White House), that “pay back political donors.”

One of the worst examples of this is the leaking Japan Nuclear Power Plant that exploded in 2011. Today, as you read this, it is still spewing out radioactive pollution into the air and water; you are eating those fish; you will develop prostate or breast cancer, or your Thyroid will not work properly. It will be worse for your children.

For the sake of you and your children we must stop this. Our Ambassador to Japan, cannot even speak, read or write Japanese; that is one reason that Nuclear Power Plant is leaking poisons into the air and water. She is an Ambassador because she raised millions of dollars for the Democrats (the Republicans are just as bad in this). Our government cannot be allowed to be for sale to the highest bidder. I am the only top tier Presidential Candidate not owned and bought off by the 1%.

“As President Kopitke, I will place a two year moratorium on Home, and Farm foreclosures, and car repossessions; the system is broke.” 

In conclusion, I will restore Checks and Balances to Wall Street and our Financial Sector, and to the Federal Government. We also need to “write-down” part of our National Debt.”

“Please pray for my campaign; make it your campaign. If you need a spiritual uplift, I encourage you to view the movie trailer for my Indie movie: “Sisters Go Ye trailer 2″ on Youtube. Hosanna and Hallelujah; Praise Ye The LORD, Love’ Ya, Kyle”